I am a creative artistic problem-solving person who does not like to annoy me about things. I think it is better to find a solution and move on. When the children were young, I survived long hours in the swimming pool by devising smart solutions to things. I have never had the ambition to build a new heart and lung machine, but think that an invention can also be a very mundane thing, like a picture hook. My best education was the inventor school Idéum. Not only did I get to learn very good things, I also got to spend time with like-minded people for a whole year. Wonderfull! Everyday I work with the development of apponwall and my full-time work as a power grid projector, which is a creative and problem-solving profession. In summary, I enjoy my life very well :-)


apponwall ab is a limited company that was started in 2012.

apponwall ab is owned by Paulina Askelöf (ex Kolm). Contact details under "Contact".

Organization Number: 556885-2585

Holds F tax bill.

apponwall AB
Odenvägen 23
136 42 Handen

Board seat: Handen, Stockholm

apponwall's ab business is product development and sales of home furnishings.

The aim is to transform the invention of a new type of concrete hook into an innovation that reaches the market.